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We have been largely successful in helping both fathers and mothers in gaining custody of their children, reducing or eliminating child support, getting visitation of children and enforcing parental rights. We practice in various counties, including Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Rockwall, Ellis and Kaufman and have also had cases in Galveston and El Paso. We are knowledgeable and competent to manage your case in almost any phase.

  • Divorce process. Going through a divorce can be a demanding and burdensome process. Our goal is to complete your case in the most courteous and professional manner with you and your family in mind all the way.
  • Custody. Many people are under the assumption that mothers always end up with the children after a custody battle. This is not an accurate statement. We have been widely successful in getting primary custody for our clients. You have rights and we can help you get them and keep them.
  • Enforcement. If you have been served with "enforcement" or "contempt" paperwork call us now! Do not go to jail for something you may not have done. We can review your paperwork at no charge.
  • Child support. While most of us can agree that children need financial support, often times the question becomes how much support is appropriate. Because figuring out child support can sometimes be confusing, you should seek legal assistance to help you properly calculate it.
  • Paternity. If you have knowledge that you may not be the father of a child that someone claims you to be, act fast! There are time limits on how long you have to prove that you are not the father. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Find out today and take action now.

Our services also include:

  • Adoption
  • Legal consultations notary services
  • Document preparation document review
  • Mediations counselor referrals
  • DNA testing social
  • Home study referrals
  • Court watch process service


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