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L. Boyd (Dallas County, Texas, 2013)

"I had been in and out of court with my previous attorney since June of 2011, and had not seen my son for most of 10 and a half months. I spent approximately $13,000 and I missed most of my son's 2 year old life. I did not know what rights I was entitled to by law. I just wanted to co-parent and raise my son to the best of my ability. I didn't know anything about my son outside of my standard visitations. I didn't know about his schooling, medical state, safety, or if he had a roof over his head. A 3 year old child is unable to speak on these topics. Understand that these are standard rights we all are entitled too but who will be your voice? I could not afford to speak with my attorney as often as needed due to pricing. $85 per email, $150 per hour. I have collected well over 1000 pages of documentation over the last 2 years. My attorney dropped me when I could not keep up with payments in September of 2012. I struggled for 5 months trying to raise more money to rehire my previous attorney. I contacted Fathers Help of Texas after my son's mother continued to miss drop offs for my scheduled visitations. Jean Lee reviewed a couple of my documents and advised me. I retained their services on 2/18/13 for a fraction of the standard price of an average retainer. Jean's team came to my home (on a Sunday) and reviewed pertinent documents for my upcoming court date. The team asked me what I wanted as an outcome. Worst and best case scenario. This was never discussed with my previous attorney. I went to court fully expecting an unfavorable outcome. I received much more than I expected. Her team spoke for me and now I have a fighting chance. She goes above and beyond, and they checked on me during this process. Thank you Jean. My case is ongoing, but I am confident that my child's best interest is Fathers Help of Texas' best interest. If you think there is no hope, or you have limited financial resources, guys we have a voice and Jean Lee can help. I know that you love your children. You owe it to them".

P. Fuller (Denton County, Texas, 2011)

"I hired the Fathers Help of Texas (Lee Law Firm) to handle a child custody case for my son and I. Being a father I thought my odds were stacked against me and that I needed some experience to help me fight for my child. I contacted the Rights for Fathers group, which highly recommended Ms. Lee and her firm. She was honest, encouraging and really knew the legal system and the family law that it took to keep me raising my son. I am proud that I had her and her firm in my corner to help me with the case and the proceedings. We won because of the facts and the law and she and her associate attorney were great in assisting me and I would refer anyone to them for the things they do. They work hard and keep you informed at every angle and even if you can't get them personally, they make sure they have their paralegal call you back and give you the necessary information. Thank you for fighting for me and helping me keep my son."

J. Penate (Dallas County, 2012)

"I was originally trying to go through the OAG to change my child support/custody papers. After the first court hearing I knew it wasn't going to be in my favor to continue with that route. I remembered a billboard I saw driving to work one day which was Fathers Help of Texas (Lee Law Firm). Obtaining Lee Law to handle my case by far the best choice I could have made. The staff is very professional, kind and helpful. They fought for me from the beginning of the case until the end. It is because of Lee Law Firm that I was able to get the results I wanted in the end. Thank you Lee Law Firm for getting me the custody of my son".

Satisfied client 2013

"I was divorced in Arizona, and as soon as the divorce papers were finalized my ex wife ran to Dallas, TX, where she kept me away from my child for 4 years and a half. My ex never provided me details of where she lived with my daughter. The only way I could track my daughter was through her grandmother's house in Dallas. It was a nightmare, my visits with my daughter were never consistent, I begged for Skype sessions, phone conversations, visits, etc. I tried to exercise my visit rights as a father, but couldn't because my child lived in Dallas. I didn't know what to do. Since I live in AZ it was hard to find a good reliable lawyer in Dallas. Fortunately for me I came across one of the most amazing attorneys I could have asked for. Ms. Jean Lee is consistent, reliable, quick and personal. She definitely delivered results. Ms. Lee and I were able to take our case to court and exercise my visitation rights with my daughter. She aIso helped me acquire Skype sessions with my daughter four times a week. With my newly established custody rights I am able to see my child twice a month, every other holiday/birthday and entire summer vacations. I would recommend Fathers Help of Texas (Ms. Lee) to anyone, as she went far and beyond to bring my daughter and I closer together, which means we now have an amazing father-daughter relationship."

Joseph 2013

"We would like to sincerely thank Attorney Jean and her team of highly qualified attorneys, especially Rohit with our child support case. Attorney Lee was thorough and a very organized. They were very prompt about returning our calls and keeping us updated on our case.Jean and her Attorneys are very down to earth and empathetic to us which made us feel very comfortable. Lisset, her asistant was very helpful and quick with any information we needed. We had a great experience as clients and would highly recommend Attorney Jean and Attorney Rohit for your legal needs! "

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